Infant Diarrhea Surges During Rainfall Spells in Rawalpindi


by Hamna Bano

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In Rawalpindi, public and private healthcare facilities, including private clinics, have begun seeing a significant increase in infant pediatric patients with diarrhea and other monsoon-related health threats. 

According to health experts, parents must take extra precautions with their infants and young children during the monsoon season to protect them from seasonal infections.

In accordance with health experts, “it may take the shape of an epidemic in the coming days if proper preventive measures are not taken by the parents well in time. During the monsoon, a great increase in incidences of viral and bacterial diarrhea, gastro, and cholera is witnessed every year.”

They also added that “the situation is well under control at the time though the rise in humidity and the increase in rainfall spells in the coming days may pose serious threats to the health of children and infants. They believe that it is time to sensitize the public and parents on monsoon-related health hazards asking them to take extra care of their children for at least two months from now onwards.”


Children should be given boiled water to drink to prevent diarrhea. Milk for infants should be prepared using boiled water. 

Children and infants should only drink water that has been heated to a "rolling boil" for five to ten minutes before consumption.

Experts at hospitals in Rawalpindi say advise mothers to wash their hands before they prepare milk for infants and children including toddlers must be made habitual of washing their hands with soap. This must be practiced before and after their meals.  

Mothers need to be taught how to protect their children from diseases caused by the monsoon and what to do if their kids become ill. Mothers should be made aware that children should be administered ORS, which unquestionably removes patients from danger, as soon as diarrhea (motion) occurs. 

It must be noted that a patient should be transported right away to the closest medical facility for treatment if they show symptoms of diarrhea or cholera.