KMC Confirms Abbasi Shaheed Hospital to be Fully Operational


by Hamna Bano

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The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has set up a committee to make Abbasi Shaheed Hospital fully operational. The committee has prepared its preliminary report.

The Karachi Administrator Dr. Syed Saifur Rehman during a visit to Muhammadi  Blood Bank announced that “The increase in thalassemia patients and various other diseases in Pakistan is alarming. More than 5,000 children suffer from thalassemia disease every year and the main reason for this is cousin marriages”.


Other officers including Chief Officer Syed Mehdi Rizvi, KMC information and media management Ali Hassan Sajid, and Blood Bank President Sarwar Ali were present during the event.

The Sindh Assembly had passed a law testing both males and females for thalassemia before marriage but due to a lack of strict implementation of the law, the disease has still been increasing. He said that the number had increased to 9000 by the year 2012.

The city administrator said Saudi Arabia and Iran have controlled the disease through medical testing but there has been no progress in Pakistan regarding this so far.

Dr. Rehman said that through the use of medical research and technology in the field of medicine, the diagnosis of blood diseases has become possible and a number of institutes are providing it at a very low cost.

He added, “children who get this disease due to our mistake have to go through extreme agony and their parents also have to bear severe pain and suffering. He requested the citizens to get both the male and the female tested before marriage in any case, especially when the marriage is being arranged within the family. He praised the services of Muhammadi Blood Bank and said that the KMC would provide full support to such institutions”.

More efforts are being made in order to make testing for thalassemia more convenient.