Lahore Faces Dengue Concerns as 2 New Cases Emerge Amid Monsoon Rains!


by Omama Anwar

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The monsoon rains in Lahore have raised concerns about a potential dengue outbreak, with two new cases reported in the city within 24 hours. The Punjab Health Department has confirmed one case from Wagha and another from the Nishtar area.


Health authorities issued concerns about the significant increase in dengue cases this year, with the total cases now reaching 88 in Lahore. As a result, there is a pressing need for vigilant monitoring and preventive measures. 

The Ravi and Nishtar zones have particularly seen a rise in dengue cases over the past two months. The authorities have planned extensive efforts to eliminate dengue larvae breeding sites and tackle disease spread. 

More than 900 sites are being inspected and treated daily to ensure the eradication of potential mosquito breeding areas. So far, a staggering 47.572 larvae have been removed from various places in Lahore this year. 

Authorities urge citizens to take necessary precautions and actively participate in the collective effort to prevent dengue. 


Covering water containers, regularly cleaning and maintaining water storage areas, and using mosquito nets and repellents can help minimize the risk of dengue transmission. 

By working together, the community can help reduce the threat of dengue during this critical time.