Lahore Pollution: 5 Anti-Smog Squads To The Rescue


by Hamna Bano

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“The anti-smog squad will accommodate functionaries of the WASA (Water and Sanitation Agency), environmental department, police, LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company), and district administration”, said Commissioner Umer Sher Chatta who was also part of the meeting.


This step was taken several days after a meeting where the Punjab Minister for Environment Muhammad Rizwan claimed that “there has been no smog seen in the province for the past 2 years.” He further said that “nobody has a single clue as to how to fix air quality monitors.” He added to go along an educational approach to teach people about air quality.

According to the claims of the minister, the air quality index of the city was 134, 192 in Town Hall and 134 in the Model Town area. Resistance was shown by the DC on these claims and Chatthaapprised to form 5 anti-smog squads.

In compliance with the notification and the directions of the PDMA smog has been announced to be catastrophic. The verdict to form the 5 anti-smog squads has been finalized for 30 days. The lead here would be the inspector environment and the nucleus would be the deputy director environment. Each squad will be responsible to visit 60 industrial facilities and units in a week using second-rate fuel and smoke generating machines.

The status of the pollution controlling devices would be inspected and those burning green waste would be punished. The commissioner also added that two more teams would be keeping an eye on the smoke-emitting vehicles.

It was also added that the sealed factories will not be allowed to open again. Heavy fines would be collected from the seal-breakers and arrest warrants will also be issued. It was also stressed by Mr. Usamn that, “zigzag brick kilns must be rechecked and revisited.”

Dr, Javed Iqbal the expert on air pollution said that “citizens must wear face masks at all costs and take all the measures for protection”.