Llama Nanobodies; A Potent Treatment Method For Covid 19


by Naba Batool

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But the quest of finding something that is much better and cost-effective is still apparent. Recent research has also stated that scientists are looking at nanobodies of llama for the very same purpose. Scientists have successfully derived antibodies from llama nanobodies which were administered to Syrian hamsters. The results were successful.


Another practice that was widely used by researchers was the derivation of antibodies from people who have recovered from covid-19.

The targeted family of this research is camelid. This family mostly comprises camels, llamas and alpacas. Nanobodies are small particles that have a robust quality to bind to the target particles. Because of their binding abilities, they are ideal molecules that can be used to treat and detect various diseases.   The test subject was a llama named Fifi.

A bioprotein was injected into the test subject. This bioprotein leads to the increased efficiency of the immune system. With this increased immune efficiency the blood was then collected. Four nanobodies were isolated. They were named C5, F2, H3, and C1. With further laboratory testing, this fact was solidified that these nanobodies have a significant potential to bind with spike proteins.

When one of these nanobodies , C5, was bound with a trimer, the viral infection was inhibited.

Prof. James Naismith who is currently serving as the director of Rosalind Franklin Institute said that these nanobodies appear to be potent against the treatment of key strains of Covid-19. Furthermore, because they are small they can be administered to the affected people by inhaling.

With this latest discovery, the treatment of covid 19 will be revolutionized for the greater good.