Lockdown on Hold Amidst the Rising Cases of Omicron: NCOC Chief


by Naba Batool

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The minister for planning, development and special initiatives said that

"For now, we are closely monitoring the numbers from Pakistan and across the globe; we are emphasizing on vaccinations,"


The government is thriving to level up the cases of vaccination so that the disease can be tackled in a more productive manner rather than imposing a nnew lockdwon that will freeze out the national economic status.

Karachi, is currently leading the numbers when it comes to the reported cases of omcron variant. This problem is a clear indication of the lack of awareness when it comes to vaccination. 

In the last 24 hour span the positivity rate of Sindh has reached approx 9.23%.

Dr. Shahid Rasul who is the acting vice-chancellor of Jinnah Sindh Medical University said that

Not only [is the] Omicron, but [the] Delta variant is also spreading [...] and unfortunately, the vaccination ratio in Karachi stand stands at 40%,

On january 3rd, the Sindh government said that positive cases of omicron variant reached upto 50% in the province with Karachi bearing the highest number of cases.

Although the governemnt is very adamant in imposing the lockdown restrictions at this current moment because of the economic situation if the positivity rate continues to flare up this restriction will be inevitable.