Mayo Hospital Lahore Runs Out of Anesthesia


by Hamna Bano

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The operations at Mayo Hospital in Lahore cease due to the unavailability of anesthesia for the past week. The healthcare facility's failure to arrange it has caused the patients to face extreme difficulties.

Due to the circumstances not being in favor of Mayo Hospital, the hospital has stopped giving new surgery dates due to the unavailability of anesthesia.  

The healthcare facility also condemned that they were procuring medicines from other government health facilities as a stopgap. It was told that in the meantime, they were working their way to purchase them. 

Punjab Secretory Health Dr. Ahmed Javed on Sunday during his surprise visit to Mayo Hospital said “the medical facilities are being reviewed by me at various teaching hospitals of the province.” He took a round of the emergency wards, other departments, and operation theatres of the hospital and with that reviewed the cleanliness situation. 

Although at that time, it was informed the hospital administration that great medical facilities were being offered to the patients. 


It was also mentioned by Dr. Ahmed Qazi, “We are trying to overcome the shortage of doctors in the government hospitals. More than 23 new and larger government hospitals were being built in the province. All kinds of medicines were available for patients in hospitals.”

It is anticipated that the hospital management will take this shortage of anesthesia into consideration and will eradicate the difficulties of the general public as soon as possible.