Measles Outbreak Suspected as Keamari Death Toll Increases


by Hamna Bano

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Recently, the Sindh Health Authority hinted that they could not exclude measle virus as a risk factor of the outbreak. The same virus has been suspected of killing several people including children. 


It is believed by people that the deaths occurred after the inhalation of toxic gases emitted from factories in the area of Ali Goth Muhammad of Keamari district. Sindh authorities however remained cautious and took blood samples for testing. 

In an initial finding of the investigation, the authorities mentioned that the objective of the exercise was to find the magnitude and the risk associated with cases and deaths. 

The reports revealed that 40 people infected out of 81 percent were in the age group of fewer than 11 years. It highlighted that “All were unvaccinated against routine [immunizations] and measles. During an active search in the community, the team observed cases of suspected measles. Some chance of an infected person cannot be excluded due to the incubation period. So on the basis of the above findings, we cannot exclude the measles virus as a risk factor of the outbreak until the confirmation of blood samples.”

According to the residents of the area, a foul smell in these areas was reported. A sudden surge of shortness of breath cases also surfaces after the start of the factory on January 5, 2023.

Doctors at Fauji Foundation Hospital, Family Care Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, and Ashfaq Memorial Hospital say that more research must be done in order to know the presence of the Measle Virus in the area of Kaemari.  

Some 26 [affected] people or 53 percent of cases are living in six families. After the closing of factories on Jan 26, 2023 team and residents observed an absence of foul smell in the infected area during a visit on Jan 27, 2023. So on the basis of the above findings, more cases and deaths were reported where factories are present", the report said. 

Meanwhile, more investigation is being executed on the suspicion of the Measles Virus present in Keamari.