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Moderna is Producing a Higher Number of Antibodies


by Naba Batool

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When the immunity responses of both of the vaccines which are available for the masses were compared. Moderna soars high on the performance graph with twice the antibody production.

One of the first and groundbreaking research on antibody analysis, which is the most important factor for any vaccine efficacy. This study is not in any way linked to the difference in efficacy because both Pfizer and Moderna are 90% effective in the critical stages.

The research was conducted in a Belgium Hospital where the blood samples of 1600 workers were analyzed after vaccination for a time period of 6-10 weeks. The participants in the study were not affected by the virus. The research led to the discovery that the level of antibody rose to 2,881 units in those who were administered with Moderna on the other hand those with Pfizer averaged 1,108 units.


The researchers have also stated that it would be early to completely disregard the possibility that whether this antibody difference has any medical importance or not.


In Pakistan, the current vaccine statistics are highly encouraging. Total vaccine administered till now: 56,768,446. Keep up the safe pace Pakistan!