Monkeypox Outbreak Reports Worldwide Casualties - WHO Warns General Public


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest reports of WHO, Spain has reported a second fatality because of the monkeypox outbreak. The Spain health minister also stated its first death because of this disease on Friday.

This report has resulted in the first confirmation of death due to monkeypox all across Europe. In the report, the Ministry of Health quoted that “Among the 3,750 [monkeypox] patients … 120 have been hospitalized and two have died.”


The victims were two homosexual men. Scientists are still researching epidemiological information on the cases to gather more related data.

Since its first reporting in May, the global outbreak has accounted for more than 21,000 cases in nearly 80 nations around the globe.

There have been 75 suspected deaths in Africa, with the most reported cases from Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The monkeypox virus is reportedly spreading like wildfire. Researchers also suspect a lethal monkeypox virus is spreading in the west. As of Friday, Brazil has also reported a death.

Spain's Health Ministry has also reported almost 4,298 infectious cases, and with this, Spain is the highest infected nation due to Monkeypox. Of the total cases, 3,500 accounts for homosexual men and 64 for women.

Spain has successfully received almost 5,300 vaccinations from the Joint EU purchase scheme. But according to the healthcare authorities, this number is far less than the anticipated target to cater to the aggressive spread.

WHO has also commented that more deaths and infections are expected; therefore, the need for vaccination and public awareness is now more apparent than ever.