Monkeypox - WHO Offers Coordination to the UK After Confirmed Cases


by Naba Batool

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WHO in a press release on Tuesday confirmed that the international organization is coordinating with England and its health officials after the country has confirmed the monkeypox outbreak. The British Healthcare facilities have confirmed at least 7 cases to this date.

One of the most promising reasons for this disease wild spread is considered to be sexual contact between members of the same gender. The intensity of this outbreak is more significant in those men who are inclined towards homosexuality. This information can lay the groundwork to understand the disease spread in a better manner.


According to European health officials, some of the common symptoms of monkeypox are lesions. Fever, severe muscle ache, and chills accompanied by shivers. Monkeypox is an endemic disease in part of Central and Western Africa. 

The main transmission point of this disease is close and unprotected contact with infected animal species such as rodents and monkeys. This disease is not considered to be fatal at this moment but it is a cause of serious discomfort. 

The latest reports of the UK Health Security Agency have stated the detection and later confirmation of 4 new cases in the region. Three of them have been reported in London and one in Newcastle. 

All of these cases have been confirmed in those men who were engaged in homosexual activities. 

WHO in its press release has stated that "We are seeing transmission among men having sex with men. (It) is new information we need to investigate properly, to better understand the dynamics of local transmission in the UK and in some other countries."

Maria Van Kerkhove, a WHO official further commented on the situation "We are working very closely with European Officials to evaluate each of these cases, the source of their infection,"

WHO also assured their real-time corporation in the scenario to understand the disease origin and its spread.