mRNA-The First and Best Tool To Combat Coronavirus


by Naba Batool

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To think about it we have been using vaccines for quite some time but the vaccines with mRNA were deployed in a mind-blowing 11 months. This is because of the fact that scientists’ community has been working on these mRNA-based vaccines for quite some time.
There is one thing that is the main issue in the case of m-RNA and that is that it does not go to the right places that it is supposed to go to.


When we inject m-RNA into our body it goes either to the muscles or to the bloodstream. To make sure that it goes inside the cell we have to develop a strong packaging or delivery system that will do the job. That is when the tiny fat balls that we call nano lipid particles to come into play.


Consisting of phospholipids, cholesterol, ionizable lipid, and PEG. these nanoparticles provide the perfect packaging material for the transfer of mRNA right into the cell. The thing with ionizable lipids is that they have to be synthesized in the lab. The major difference between the vaccines that are available nowadays is the presence or type of ionizable lipids.


mRNA is the reason we are able to fight off this deadly pandemic at a swift pace. With the help of the right science if we are able to provide the right delivery system to the mRNA it can not only be used for corona treatment but can pave a leading remedial pathway for a number of other deadly diseases out there.