NA to Take Serious Actions Regarding Paracetamol Shortage


by Hamna Bano

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Islamabad: On Thursday, The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Health Services commanded the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) to ensure enough supply of paracetamol and anti-snake venom across the flood-affected areas.

The committee was led under the chairmanship of Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan. He ordered strict action against the discontinued production of Paracetamol resulting in the shortage across Pakistan amid the dengue outbreak and floods.

The Chief Executive DRAP Dr. Asim Rauf applauded the standing committee for initiating serious actions against the involved stakeholders over the shortage of the drug n the country.

It was made sure by the Special Secretary of the health ministry that the availability of medicines especially in the flood-affected areas was effectively watched.

He informed, “the government had already received an ample supply of paracetamol from foreign governments in the flood aid.”

The committee, however, expressed some nuisance over the absence and non-serious behavior of the federal mister and the secretory from the meetings. It has been decided that from now on issues regarding Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) will be discussed in the presence of the health minister.

Some disappointments were also expressed by the committee over the performance of the Pakistan Nursing Council and not meeting international standards.

Serious efforts are being made to subside the paracetamol and panadol prices, which are hiking because of the shortage amid increasing demand.

Previously paracetamol got short in supply when the first wave of COVID-19 hit Pakistan. And this time it is the floods that have caused the shortage. Earlier this month, the Sindh Health Department confiscated around 48 million hoarded Panadol tablets as a result of a massive raid. These were hoarded to be sold at higher prices.