Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card; A promising start to better healthcare in Pakistan


by Maria Amir

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The Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat card promises quality healthcare services through a micro health insurance scheme. This current scheme is mandated under the wing of Punjab Health Initiative Management Company. The salient features of this initiative are currently applicable for the underprivileged masses.

Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid addressed this new take with much enthusiasm. In her speech as a chief guest, she appraised the involved chancellors, principals, deans and MS personal. “Prime Minister Imran Khan will start distribution of cards to all 31 million families in Punjab from 1st January 2022.” disclosed the minister. She further stressed how the hospital staff must actively seek to gain knowledge on the services available within the program.

The sehat card is primarily for challenged people of the community such as ‘transgender’, handicapped individuals and, people living below basic means. Strict regulation is to follow the initiation of Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card. To ensure there is no negligence tolerance there are over 48000 doctors, medical staff, nurses, and pharmacists that have been hired who are an expert in their respective fields.  The healthcare Sahulat Card offers the following packages; Priority Treatment offers the Initial coverage of up to PKR 300,000 / family/year. The additional coverage can also range up to PKR 300,000 / family. The second plan is of Secondary Care with an Initial coverage up to PKR 60,000 / family/year with additional leading coverage of PKR 60,000 / family.

With this new prosperous venture at hand, it is safe to say that Pakistan is headed towards a secured healthcare era. With this arising hope, there is also a fear of yet another trailing venture and empty promises.