NCOC clarifies false news about booster shots


by Maria Amir

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The email emphasized on citizens to register for vaccinations if they were to steer clear of any consequences. 

“No such email is sent from NCOC/Ministry of National Health Services,” the NCOC clarified on Twitter while also sharing a picture of the fake email.

“The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) cybercrime wing is tracking the origin for necessary action,” it further added.

“All eligible citizens must register themselves and their family members for the Booster shots/third dose vaccination by filling the registration form,” the fake email read.

In its clarification, NCOC, clarified the air by saying 30% of the total population and almost 46% of the expected population is vaccinated. In their official tweet they further ent on clarifying that “In the wake of the rising threat of omicron, please get yourself fully vaccinated and follow SOPs. Wear a mask, avoid crowded places, and ensure social distancing.”

New measurements are already coming in as the omicron virus is evolving and becoming dangerous day by day. Despite the speculations amongst the spread of Omicron, Sindh Minister for Health and Population Welfare Dr Azra Pechuho said Thursday.

"A genomic study is being conducted which will confirm the exact variant but for now getting both doses of the vaccine is the best precaution,"."We have not yet conducted a genomic study but the way the virus is behaving, it seems likely that it is the Omicron variant," she said.  

"Four persons were tested to confirm Omicron presence out of which results of two returned positive while the report of one patient is awaited," she further emphasied. 

Though the variant is on the rise, it is best to take in charge of individual responsibility towards the ongoing virus and staying updated with the governing headquarters.