NCOC Successfully Marks 2 Years of Its Fight Against COVID-19


by Naba Batool

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NCOC has recently completed its two-year run in the fight against the global pandemic. The national establishment celebrated its achievements and success in controlling the viral disease.

It was also reported earlier by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health, Faisal Sultan that the government is considering closing the NCOC. The COVID-19 database will then be shifted to the National Institute of Health’s Centers for Disease Control.


National Command and Operation Center was established on 27th March 2020. The main goal of this national establishment was to update and educate the general public regarding the COVID-19 statistics in the country. The representations from all the provinces and administrative units were also kept in check.

Furthermore, the NCOC was due to hold meetings and those formal gatherings were attended by Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiative Asad Umar and National Coordinator Major General Zafar Iqbal.

Bill Gates and several other healthcare organizations such as WHO praised the efforts of NCOC for properly educating the public about the country’s daily statistics.

According to Dr. Faisal Sultan, approximately 75% of the population has successfully been inoculated.

In the meantime, the NCOC data shows that in the span of the last 24 hours, the country has reported 194 infections and 2 deaths. The COVID-19 positivity rate now stands at 0.70%. The number of patients that require critical care is currently 432.

NCOC held its first meeting on 13 March, to discuss the scale of the COVID-19 spread in the country. Later this disease was declared a global pandemic by WHO. Several top civil and military leaders were in attendance.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2019, Pakistan has witnessed its fifth wave. Yet the country is aggressively recovering from the claws of this global pandemic that has been a head scratcher for quite some time.