New Healthcare Protection Law Sparks Awareness Campaign


by Hamna Bano

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The Health Department Sindh and the International Committee of the Red Cross have launched a new campaign to raise awareness about the right way for ambulances and the recently passed Sindh Healthcare Service Providers and Facilities Act 2021. 

The act is specifically targeted towards the protection of healthcare in Sindh.  

Now, the violence opposing healthcare personnel and facilities is a very big concern in Pakistan. The academia in Pakistan conducted research as a part of the ICRC’s Health Care in Danger (HCiD) Initiative has found out that the prevalent nature of violence takes place mainly because of the patients and their attendants being upset.


These upsetting episodes occur due to long waiting hours, lack of resources, overcrowding, illogical expectations, and negligence of the healthcare workers. 

Communicating at the launch event of the awareness campaign of law, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, the Sindh Health Minister said that “this Act is a major step towards achieving safer healthcare in Sindh and hope that it will deter violence and ensure uninterrupted healthcare services. I also urge our people to give way to ambulances and prioritize their rights of passage.”

The new Act prioritizes the protection and security of healthcare workers and institutions, aiming to prevent violence against healthcare personnel, patients, and their attendants. It also emphasizes the prevention of damage or loss to property and equipment in healthcare facilities, while ensuring the continuous provision of healthcare services.

It expands the scope of the pertinent legal definitions to provide protection for healthcare professionals working in a variety of cadres and healthcare environments and clarifies the obligations of healthcare organizations to uphold the rights of patients and their attendants.

The head of the delegation for ICRC in Pakistan, while speaking on the occasion said that “this Act is a significant step towards preventing violence against healthcare in Sindh. The ICRC is grateful for the commitment and partnership of the Sindh Health Department and SZABIST in this effort, and we will continue to work towards promoting safer healthcare in the country.”

The ICRS is working day and night under HCiD to make healthcare safer in Pakistan.