Non-Resident Pakistanis Plan to Set up Karachi World Medical City


by Naba Batool

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According to Shahab Qarni of the Non-Resident Pakistanis Mission, overseas Pakistanis are eager to help their country in numerous fields such as health, economics, education, and social developments. In an online meeting from Washington DC, Nadeem Rizvi, NPR’s MD said that overseas Pakistanis are not only interested in welfare and social programs. 

He further commented that the city of Karachi has the perfect location which promises ventures of business, export, education, and women empowerment on a large scale. “It is more of a business venture. “We can easily build something here. The Karachi World Medical City will be a medical facility sprawling on an area of more than two miles,”

Jamil Ahmed Khan who is Pakistan’s ambassador in various cities said that Karachi hosts 30 million people and is one of the most accessible cities in entire South Asia. He further added that “Medical tourism does have a chance here. We do have world-standard doctors and nurses here in Pakistan, but we also have a big population and not enough medical professionals here to cater to this huge population,” 


“Then over 30,000 of our own Pakistani doctors and specialists are working abroad. Having world-class facilities here would also bring those doctors back,”

Dr. Jabbar Khattak said that the idea of Karachi World Medical City is helpful and exciting. He said, "We can also enrich and upgrade our own existing local medical facilities and centers, including government facilities, and have them as a part of such a project, too. But now after floating this idea, the interested people need to remain connected,”

Medical City and Hospitals of Karachi such as B.H.Y Hospital, Bantva Anis Hospital, Hashmani hospital are supposed to work in a symbiotic relationship where they are encouraged to share medical services and sources with one another to enhance the healthcare facilities in the region.