Omicron-booster Shots; Moderna Kicks off Clinical Trials


by Naba Batool

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This announcement was made by the medical company after its rival brand Pfizer said that they have kick-started a similar development. 


According to the company, a third shot of the original coronavirus vaccine is said to increase the number of neutralizing antibodies against this variant. This vaccine is effective when it is administered to the masses in lower doses.

Although various studies have confirmed that the omicron results are less dreadful than was previously anticipated. Yet the issue of concern here is that the omicron variant is widely spreading in the different regions of the world. This violent spread of this variant is what has been straining the healthcare systems and is increasing the positivity ratio in various regions.


Alone in the US, this variant is the reason for 99.9% of covid cases. Moderna further went on to say that it has been looking forward to studying the omicron-specific booster jab on adults aged 18 years or older. 


These booster shots will only be tested on those people who have previously received the two-dose series of the original vaccination. In a study that has been divided into two groups, 300 participants will take part. 


It is also pertinent to note here that several other booster doses are also being administered to combat the spread of this ‘variant of concern’.