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Omicron Triggers Travel Bans; Covid-19’s 5th Variant Sparks Global Concern

Author: Naba Batool
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According to the latest reports, Australia, the UK, and several countries have imposed a travel ban on South Africa on Saturday.

After headlines started to declare that a potentially more severe version of covid-19 is on the rise.


These travel bans might not be effective as the UK alongside the Czech Republic and Germany suspect cases because of this said virus.

WHO has dubbed omicron as a ‘Variant of Concern’ and it is considered to be far more life-threatening than the previous strains. Omicron is likely to severely impact the global health condition, however, more research analysis is required for any further finality.

First discovered in South Africa, Omicron has also been detected in other regions such as Belgium, Botswana, Israel, and Hong Kong.

61 people out of 600 who traveled from South Africa to Amsterdam have tested positive for covid-19, reported the Dutch authorities. But health authorities are currently investigating that how many of them are affected due to this new strain.

All this situation has led to a serious financial plunge globally with the stocks of aviation taking the toll. This has also caused a down price in oil prices about 10$ per barrel.

This current situation can take weeks to get sorted out but at this moment Omicron is the fifth coronavirus strain that has been verified by WHO.