Omicron Variant Spreading at an Exceptionally Terrifying Rate: WHO


by Hamna Bano

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 It said that the pace of the spread will soon get uncontrollable. It has been ordered for the countries to act vigilantly from the drug maker of Pfizer too.

Omicron first witnessed in South Africa on the 24th November 2021 has drastic mutations. It contains far more wide spreading tendencies than the delta variant.


The Chief of WHO Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus while interacting with reporters said that “The new variant has already spread in 77 countries at a pace that has never been seen with the previous variants. It has probably been spread in nations where it is still undetected.”

The United State being the most affected country at the time of the first wave is not ready this time to get hit as hard as by the last ones. It has now reached a total of 80,000 Covid-19 deaths as of today. 3% of cases of Omicron have still been observed in the USA. This number is very much predicted to shoot high in a matter of days.

Even though the first death caused by Omicron was reported yesretrday. It is getting difficult to comprehend if the virus is more dangerous than we believed it to be. There was also a positive portrayal showed by WHO with the information of zero deaths reported in Africa despite the uncontrollable outrage.

The WHO experts have also alerted everyone to not take this virus as lightly as it has been taken recently. It has also been said that we are entering a dangerou time where the spread of the disease is going to take many lives.

There has also been a new medication which is said to work great against Omicron. The drug maker says that a new drug Paxlovid is attacking the virus great in the lab testing.