Organ Transplantation Act Set to be Approved Soon


by Hamna Bano

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A meeting of the monitoring authority of the Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority was held in the Department of Specialized health and Research and Medical Education under the chairmanship of caretaker Health Minister Dr. Javed Akram.

The Conference held included Special Secretary Shoaib Jadoon, Special Secretary Syed Wajid Ali Shah, DG of Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority, Prof. Shehzad Anwa, CEO of Punjab Health Care Commission Saqib Aziz, Dr. Izhar Chaudhry, and members of the monitoring authority attended the conference. 


The Dean of Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Centre Professor Dr. Faisal Dar participated via a video call conference. 

The Director General of the Human Organ Transplantation Authority Presented the contents of the agenda of the monitoring authority. 

It was said by Provincial Health Minister Mr. Dr. Javed Akram that “the Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority Act 2023 is ready for approval.”

He also added, “We want Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority to be more active and beneficial for the public. If the organs are used to save the life of a patient, the right to life can be paid. The elements involved in the illegal transplantation of human organs do not deserve any concession. A strict law has been made. We will do the capacity building for the employees of the Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority.“

It has also been recommended to send the government a Civil Award for the people who donate their organs to save other people’s lives. “Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority Organ is doing donation registration”, the minister added.