Over 1.5 Million Children to be Vaccinated against Measles in Week-long Drive


by Maria Amir

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In a concerted effort to combat the spread of measles and ensure the health and well-being of children, a week-long vaccination drive is set to be launched, targeting over 1.5 million children across the region. The campaign aims to protect vulnerable populations and prevent the resurgence of this highly contagious disease.

Measles, a preventable viral infection, poses a significant threat to children's health, particularly those with compromised immune systems. In a credible initiation on behalf of ‘Primary and Secondary Healthcare’, the spokesperson Dr. Jamal Nasir announced vaccinating children against measles, polio, and administration of vitamin A drops.  


The vaccination drive was organized across 10 districts of Punjab including union councils in Lahore, Jhang, Hafizabad, Narowal, Kasur, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Toba Tek Singh, and Sialkot. Vaccination teams will work tirelessly to reach every eligible child, ensuring maximum coverage and protection against the disease.

The initiative emphasizes the importance of routine immunization and seeks to address any gaps in immunization coverage. By vaccinating such a large number of children in a single week, the campaign aims to create a strong shield of immunity within the population, preventing the spread of the measles virus and reducing the risk of outbreaks.

Health officials stress that vaccines are safe, effective, and the most powerful tool in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases. They encourage parents and caregivers to bring their children forward for vaccination, underscoring the long-term benefits of protecting them from measles and its potential complications.

Alongside the vaccination efforts, the campaign will also focus on raising awareness about measles prevention and dispelling any misconceptions or vaccine hesitancy among parents. Information sessions and educational materials will be provided to help families make informed decisions regarding their children's health.

As the week-long vaccination drive commences, communities eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have in reducing the prevalence of measles and ensuring the well-being of children across the region.