Pakistan Crosses Major Milestone of Vaccinating 100 Million People


by Hamna Bano

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On March 6, 2022, Pakistan crossed a landmark of fully vaccinating 100 million people against the coronavirus pandemic. The vaccination drive has been running in full tilt across the country. It is expected that all the desirable candidates will be covered pretty soon.

Simultaneously, recent news reports regarding positive coronavirus patients' numbers are also very encouraging. On March 8, 2022, only six total fatalities were reported in the country down from nine a day.

If the death count remains in single digits in the coming weeks, then it will be a clear indication that the vaccination drive has produced tremendous results. 

It was at first a very skeptical situation where the management of the vaccination drive was questioned. On the contrary, NCOC has managed commendably with the support of provincial health authorities.


The official number however of infected COVID-19 cases globally has crossed 450 million. And the death toll has reached up to six million in total. Although this is an astonishing number, the daily case count has been declining with each passing day which provides further evidence of the effectiveness of vaccination.

The pandemic in its third year still has left its effects on the world. The development of SOPs and the advice from WHO have helped the masses immensely, however a lot of people have remained reluctant to follow these SOPs and advice.

Pakistan has now started to provide ease to the citizens by gradually terminating the travel restrictions by looking at the recent numbers. But all of this information should not be putting people in complacent mode, as there is still an expectation of new variants emerging in the future.

It has been proved that it has now become a disease of the unvaccinated and any of the countries not prepared with booster doses is likely to face dangerous situations.