Pakistan Declared as Polio-Endemic Country; WHO Extends Travel Ban For 3 Months


by Naba Batool

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In a recent statement that was issued by the Thirtieth Polio IHR Emergency Committee, WHO stated that both Pakistan and Afghanistan have failed to do their due part to aid the eradication of the polio virus and might be responsible for the global spread of this virus.


Pakistan has been making progress as the cases of Wild Polio Virus have decreased from 84 to zero since the situation was last assessed in  2020.

The core problem is that the children are being persistently overlooked especially in some sensitive regions as well as the polio workers have to face constant rejection from their parents. This issue serves as the main obstacle in sensitive areas.

Committee also noticed that the presence of this virus in the sewerage system has been diminished which is a plus point.

WHO further declared that the main reason Pakistan is unable to combat this viral issue is because of the refugee migration. Afghanistan currently is the key source of the Wild Polio Virus. All this contributes to the situation worsening in Pakistan.

All those who wish to travel overseas are required to provide a polio immunization certificate as Pakistan is currently under polio surveillance for an additional three-month span.