Pakistan Declared Monkeypox Free as Only Patient Recovers


by Hamna Bano

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On Sunday, Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel declared the country free of Monkeypox after the only patient recovered. 

The only patient suffering from monkeypox in Pakistan was under treatment at the Pakistan Institute of Medicine Sciences (PIMS).  

Mr. Qadir said that “the best medical facilities were provided to the patient who had now recovered. The patient has been discharged after testing negative [for the virus]. There are no cases of monkeypox in Pakistan. Kudos to the hospital staff for taking the best measures.”


It was also mentioned that the Government took all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of people from diseases. The efforts of the country’s institutions to deal with all kinds of pandemics and epidemics were also highlighted by Abdul Qadir Patel. 

Patel further added that “22 suspected monkeypox cases were sent for testing and all of them had turned out negative. The situation regarding monkeypox is under complete control.”

All of the credit is being given to the well-integrated strategy formulated to deal with the disease. The airports were also seen taking the word of health regulatory authorities seriously and implementing the strategies regularly. 

Suspensions are still being made as the patient came directly from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and got himself tested at PIMS straight. Experts believe that he got deported because of his being monkeypox positive. 

A senior doctor at PIMS even mentioned that the patient came out after clearing the immigration counter without even being identified as a potential monkeypox patient.  

Mpox, which spreads through close contact and causes flu-like symptoms and forms pus-lesions on the skin, was declared a health emergency by WHO in July 2022. In November its name was changed to mpox instead of monkeypox.