Pakistan Devoted to Eliminate Polio till Complete Eradication


by Hamna Bano

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With the increase in the polio cases in Pakistan, Federal Minister Qadir Patel has promised a new dawn by pledging to eliminate polio from Pakistan. The country is now looking forward to a polio-free Pakistan after the claims made of fighting against it till its complete eradication.

This announcement was made during the fish meeting of the regional sub-committee on Polio eradication and outbreak. It was a call made by the Regional Head World Health Organization of the Eastern Mediterranean Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari in Cairo.


Qadir added that “Pakistan’s Polio Programme continues to work hard to reach zero polio cases, and the recent cases in Pakistan have made us more determined to fight this virus till the end. Since the first case appeared, the health ministry and the polio program have been working very closely together to meet the needs of the hour and effectively interrupt poliovirus transmission.”

There has been a report of a total of 11 cases in the last two polio-endemic countries. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries still fighting to this day, with Pakistan having 10 cases and one in Afghanistan. It has also been noticed that all of the cases in Pakistan have been reported in North Waziristan.

Dr. Al-Mandhari said, “The continued presence of any circulating poliovirus in any country of the region has catastrophic consequences for children who are paralyzed and poses a threat to national, regional, and global health security. The need for regional solidarity, collaboration, and collective action has never been greater.”

During this thriving period, it has been told to make sure that children all across the country and especially in the high-risk area will be catered to.

In the meeting, health ministers and representatives from Egypt, Qatar, Sudan, Yemen, UAE, and Pakistan were observed.