Pakistan Drowns in Floods - Health Departments Struggles to Send Help


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest statistics, the Young Doctors Association, Insaf Doctors Forum and Al Khidmat Foundation strive to provide immediate medical relief in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan.

The provincial health department is bringing resources and support from the administrative departments to gather medical supplies and medical help to save the people from the water-borne diseases associated with the flood.

In the past three days, the health administration has successfully installed 45 medical emergency camps in almost 12 districts. The recorded patient count currently stands at 53,000 with different ailments such as respiratory infection, skin diseases, and diarrhea.


In addition to all this, medics have also reported increased cases of snake bites in the affected families. They are also reporting 5 fatalities.

Young Doctors Association is actively expressing their concerns with the recent spike in medical issues such as food and water-borne ailments. The health authorities are asking for donations and awareness in these tough times.

Dr Ahmadzeb who has been successfully organizing medical camps in Charsadda and Nowshera said that “Diarrhoea, skin disease and chest infections among children are common in the flood-hit areas. There is an urgent need for antibiotics and drugs to treat skin sicknesses,”

Dr Sajjad Dawar who is the representative of the Doctors Forum said that the volunteers are swiftly setting up camps in the areas of Swat, Kohistan and Dera Ismail khan in collaboration with the health district in Peshawar. He commented that “We have also organised camps in collaboration with the district health office of Peshawar to give medical relief to people,”

Al Khidmat Organization is also working to provide top-notch relief activities in flood-affected areas. An associate of PIMA also said that “The patients having hypertension and diabetes etc require continuous treatment. They are more vulnerable in flood situations where doctors at the hospitals are not available readily. Therefore, we are also focusing on the people having serious diseases,”

The government of Pakistan is also urging people from all over Pakistan to actively contribute to assist the health departments. Donations and active participation are highly encouraged.