Pakistan Eligible to Receive 258$ Million Healthcare Fund - World Bank


by Naba Batool

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The World Bank has approved a 258 million dollar fund to strengthen the healthcare sector of Pakistan. According to a press release by the international funding institute this fund is being allocated to Pakistan to nourish the national health policies.

The statement elaborated on the main areas of coverage that is the healthcare quality and essential services, its real-time monitoring, and strict accountability for healthcare finances and budget.


The press release mentioned that the National Health Support Programme "complements ongoing investments in human capital and builds on health reforms that aim to improve quality and equitable access to healthcare services, especially in communities lagging behind national and regional-level health outcomes".

The funding is given in the context to highlight the preexisting issues and tackle them with strict actions such as making sure that the healthcare staff is adequate and swift in their workings and also enhancing the patient-doctor relationship in the real-time scenario so as to ensure a high level of care.

It highlighted that “The program will benefit all communities through improvements to provincial primary healthcare systems, particularly [those] in approximately 20 districts that suffer from having the least access to health and nutrition services,"

The head of the secretariat at GFF said that “The partnership between the GFF and the government of Pakistan focuses on building sustainable health systems while ensuring that all women, children, and adolescents, especially in the most vulnerable communities can access the services they need amid multiple crises.”

World Bank’s Country Director further explained that “Pakistan continues to make strides in health reforms toward ensuring access to primary healthcare services, especially for children and women during pregnancy and childbirth.”