Pakistan is Ready to Face any COVID-19 Variant - NCOC


by Naba Batool

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A new COVID-19 variant is on the rise in regions of Asia such as India and China. The health officials of Pakistan are claiming that the country is fully equipped to cater to the spike in the cases because of coronavirus.

According to the latest reports by NIH - Regulations and Coordination, the country has a holistic plan to combat any COVID-19 variant that might pose a threat to general health and wellness. The health officials are on standby and there is an emergency in all the mainstream hospitals such as Hameed Latif, Doctors Hospital, Iqra Medical Complex, and all the government hospitals as well.

The country has successfully installed a surveillance system at all the entry points at the airports. Furthermore, the health ministries have also requested to add more medical staff at the Intensive Care Units of various medical institutes so that the paramedics and doctors are able to handle any situation actively.

Currently, there is genome sequencing is being conducted in all four provinces of Pakistan, ensuring that a huge chunk of people is already vaccinated. Moreover, much-needed medical supplies such as ventilators, oxygen, and antiviral medicines are also being stocked in Hospitals.

The new statistics by NIH report 12 new cases in the last 24 hours. With this, the current positivity rate of Pakistan is 0.41%. Although there is no death reported in the country. Almost 151 tests were conducted in Islamabad, 824 in Lahore, and 55 in Multan.


Ministry of National Health Services Abdul Qadir Patel is also gearing up to strengthen the CHE (Central Health Establishment) so that the country’s response capacity as well as its functionality.

But people need to stay aligned with the SOPs as well as social distancing, and mask-wearing. The NIH has also appointed rapid testing kits at the airports as well as the screening of inbound travelers.