Pakistan Launches Nationwide Drive to Enhance Maternal Nutrition


by Hamna Bano

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On Thursday, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Health Sciences as well as provincial health departments, Nutrition International unveiled an initiative named “Nourish Maa”. 

This campaign aims to enhance maternal nutrition in Pakistan, focusing on six districts showing concerning indicators. This will be done by strengthening the capacities of healthcare providers and frontline health workers.

Nourish Maa seeks to make a lasting impact on the well-being of mothers and ensure a healthier future for them.


While speaking at the launch event, Mirza Nasiruddin Mashood Ahmad, Special Secretary NHS said, "Improving the knowledge and capacity of healthcare providers to address maternal nutrition issues and promote a collective responsibility approach is the need of the hour."

Coming in support of the Nourish Maa campaign, Dr. Ahmad mentioned the Pakistan National Maternal Nutrition Strategy 2022-27 which calls for increasing awareness about maternal nutrition among individuals, communities, families, and the public at large. 

The campaign has established specified goals as part of its implementation in order to achieve desired results. These goals include raising awareness and motivating key opinion leaders (KOLs) to speed up action at the federal and provincial levels, fostering active engagement of key healthcare professionals (HCPs) in addressing maternal nutrition. 

The major one however is to improve the knowledge of healthcare providers (HCPs) and frontline health workers (FHWs) on maternal nutrition. 

The campaign is being carried out in two districts in Punjab and four districts in Sindh by Nutrition International in collaboration with the Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and in partnership with MoNHSR&C, provincial health departments, the Professional Medical Association, and the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists Pakistan.

A critical need for investing in maternal nutrition was emphasized by Dr. Shabina Raza, who is Nutrition International Country Director, in Pakistan. She said, “Addressing maternal malnutrition is one of Nutrition International’s top priorities, with a focus on providing nutrition counseling, micronutrient supplementation, and quality care for a positive pregnancy and safe birth.” 

This two-year campaign is seeking to influence HCP/FHWs and KOLs and improve their capacity, motivation, and knowledge in the future.