Pakistan Lodges 805 Confirmed COVID Cases In 24 Hours


by Saeed Iqbal

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During the last 24 hours, there is a surge in novel coronavirus because 805 new cases were reported. Additionally, one death was also reported due to COVID-19.

With 805 new cases, the number of confirmed positive cases has reached 1,540,080 nationwide. The tally of fatalities also increased to 30,404 on Wednesday.

Across Pakistan, 17, 150 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours, and out of these tests 805 people were tested positive for this deadly disease. 

The positivity ratio for coronavirus rises up to 4.69 percent. The report from the National Institute of Health further reveals that 168 patients are in the intensive care unit due to the severity of the disease.


Every day reported cases of coronavirus are more than 800 in the month of July and the highest number of reported cases was 818 on the 2nd of July. This was the highest number of coronavirus cases since March 4. The reported cases were 796 on that day.

According to a report, the people of Karachi are more prone to coronavirus as the positivity ratio of COVID cases has surged to 19% in Karachi since June 24.

Government is taking explicit measures to ensure the reduced impact on this virus across the nation as major religious events such as Eid-ul-Adha and Muharram are around the corner.

People tend to congregate at these events without following any SOPs. In order to ensure safe social gatherings, the government is devising effective SOP plans.. To prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 in such times, medical professionals are advising people that they need to get booster shots as soon as possible.

Additionally, people also have to follow some basic SOPs like washing hands regularly for at least twenty seconds and wearing masks in every public place. Following these guidelines and consuming foods packed with vitamin C on a regular basis would help to prevent COVID-19 in an effective way.