Pakistan Ranked 2nd on Economist Normalcy Index for COVID-19


by Naba Batool

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This Economist is a survey of several countries that gives an indication of how well they are performing after the outbreak. 


Asad Umar, minister of planning and development, shared this welcoming news to the general public in a tweet.  He reported that Pakistan secured 3rd position during the first evaluation. After the revolutionary pace at which the government was working, the ranking improved and now Pakistan is at top of the list.


He further went on to say that Pakistan is the only country in the world that has secured the top position in all three rankings. 


The global normalcy index is an indication of a country’s being back on track after its economy and interpersonal relationships have been crushed by this pandemic. This is a system that grades these countries on the basis of sic indicators which are then split up into three categories. These categories are transport, recreation, and commercial activity.


This index which was published on January 18, 2022, reported that Pakistan is second on its list with a normalcy index that is higher than 100. This is clear evidence suggesting that the country is successfully returning to its normal pace. 


Global normalcy index evaluated 50 countries. All these countries together accounted for 75% of the world population and contributed to 90% of the GDP.


According to the data of the NCOC, the highest daily toll of the country is climbing since omicron. At present, the positivity rate of Pakistan has reached 12.93%. The country is now in need of strict and revamped measures that can prove to be fruitful in the recovery graph.