Pakistan Recovers from COVID-19 As Positivity Ratio Declines


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest reports, Pakistan has reported 1,122 new COVID-19 cases in the span of the last 24 hours although there has been a steep decline in the daily COVID-19 case count.

The new cases surfaced after the successful administration of 41,142 diagnostic tests throughout the country.

As more and more people continue to recover, the positivity rate continues to decline amidst the upward steepness of the overall case count. NCOC reports that the recoveries have pushed the overall country’s positivity rate down to 2.72%


In the meantime, 25 deaths were reported overnight. With these latest developments, the country’s death toll now stands at 30,139. Albeit all this the number of active cases has also dropped to 61,332 as NCOC documents about 2,550 COVID-19 recoveries.

The government’s unflinching efforts and continuous vaccination drives have proven to be successful in combating this global pandemic. Yet the public is asked to get booster shots as well so that this virus can be kept at bay.