Pakistan’s Positivity Rate Climbs the Highest in Nine Months: Omicron Pushes the Caseload


by Naba Batool

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The country’s national administrative body NCOC declared on Thursday morning that the numbers are climbing and this is the 2nd time Pakistan has logged such high numbers in the said case. 


Pakistan reported such alarmingly high numbers on June 13, 2020, and since that this is the 2nd time. 


According to NCOC, a total of 58,943 tests have been conducted so far. Out of these tests, 6808 were positive. This confirmation has culminated in a total of 1,345,801 confirmed cases and these numbers are quite concerning for the authoritative parties.


The latest data also concluded that the positivity rate in the country now stands at a concerning rate of 11.92%. 


The situation in Some Cities in Pakistan 


Karachi — 41%

Muzaffarabad — 25%

Hyderabad — 17.27%

Islamabad — 15.37%

Lahore — 14.25%

Rawalpindi — 12.75%

Peshawar — 11.20%


The fifth wave of the corona is hitting Pakistan quite hard and the need to take critical actions is already apparent!