Pakistan to take Aggressive Measures to Eradicate Polio by 2023


by Naba Batool

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According to the Regional Director of UNICEF for South Asia George Laryea-Adjei, the health officials have expressed their satisfaction with the poliovirus eradication measures that Pakistan has been taking, lately. If Pakistan keeps up the current pace, the nation might be able to completely wipe out polio from the premises by the end of the year 2023.

He said that the current scenarios and managerial decisions taken by the health authorities of Pakistan are top-notch. He said that “We are using all available resources and services at our disposal to reach every girl and boy in Pakistan with life-saving vaccines and protect them against the entirely preventable disease”. 


In addition to all this, he said that the efforts of 350,000 health workers who are traveling in the country to vaccinate the public is really paying off to stop, control and eradicate polio. Although he raised concerns over the attacks on the polio workers, he admired their willpower, nonetheless.

Adjei also mentioned the recent drastic floods in Pakistan that lead to the outbreak of Diptheria, and increased risk of hepatitis E and other waterborne diseases. These situations have also played a key role in putting the lives of children at risk. The floods have destroyed the health facilities which were providing preventive care in those areas. 

He also addressed the situation of climate change in Pakistan and said that “The impact is profound throughout South Asia and in 2022 alone, climate-induced floods in Pakistan, Bangladesh, northern India, and Afghanistan left over 15 million boys and girls in need of assistance.