PMA Ensures PIMS New Management Team of Assistance


by Hamna Bano

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Pakistan Medical Association Islamabad held a meeting with the new management team of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). It concerned issues related to the medical staff and the doctors of the PIMS hospital


A statement released on Sunday revealed that the PMA President Dr. Akhtar Ai Bandesha, and General Secretary Dr. Mubashir Mushtaq Daha visited PIMS. In their meeting with the new management, they offered their full support to them. 

The members of the delegation ensured that all of the concerns and issues of the medical staff will be fixed on a priority basis. They also mentioned that Pakistan Medical Association was fully aware of the major problems being felt by doctors and the medical staff.

Dr. Mushtaq Daha said that “during the meeting, a number of issues were discussed including the entitlement of doctors in government hospitals for medical facilities, development of a digital library for medical students and doctors, organizing PMA Conference 2022- 2023, and work for the betterment of doctors.” 

PMA will also offer life insurance to its members and the matter was also discussed with the management of the hospital”, he added. 

The members of the PMA team including Dr. Abid Ali Shah, Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Khan Niazi, Dr. Riaz Shahbaz Janjua, Prof. Shahzad Ali Khan, and Dr. Imran Sikandar were assured of the support of the new members of the PIMS management including Executive Director Dr. Naeem Ahmad Malik, Joint Executive Director Dr. Iqbal Durrani and Deputy Executive Director Dr. Naveed Sheikh.

Dr. Mushtaq also said, “I am quite confident that the issues of doctors will be addressed during the tenure of new members of the Pims management.”

The expectations have automatically risen and matters relevant to doctors and the medical staff are anticipated to be resolved.