Positivity ratio Crosses 7%: Pakistan Struggles With Omicron Violent Spread


by Naba Batool

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This has been the highest since September 10, 2021. The numbers are communicated to the general masses through NCOC.

According to the NCOC data, 48,449 tests were conducted in the country out of which 3,567 emerged positive. After these reported numbers the positivity rate of Pakistan now stands at 7.36%. This has been a major rise since August 31, 2021, when the positivity rate was 6.64%.


In the midst of all these rising cases in the country, a meeting with all the education ministers was called to decide whether the schools will continue to open or will get closed. But the meeting was later postponed till next week and thus the fate is still undecided.

Although overall the country is getting affected it is the situation in Karachi that is quite drastic, to say the least. The positivity rate in the provincial capital of Sindh has climbed over 30% and the number of infected individuals now stands at 1,940.

According to Qasim Soomro, parliamentary secretary of health in Sindh Assembly

“We have decided that unless the hospitalization increases up to 40-50% in Karachi, we are not going to take any drastic measures. We are taking some measures to promote vaccination and take action against businesses doing public dealing with unvaccinated staff but no stringent measures are under consideration at the moment in Karachi,”