Preventive Medicine is Now A Possibility


by Naba Batool

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In recent years, the topics of AI have witnessed a huge surge. Back then we were only using the technology for the identification of objects such as trees and flowers in an image. Now AI has paved its way into the global market of healthcare and that too for a greater cause which is disease diagnosis.

Wiro Niessen is a professor of Medical Imaging at Erasmus Medical Center and the Delft University of Technology. He was the receiver of the Simon Stevin  Master Prize back in 2015. At that time this caused huge waves in the medical and tech sector combined. That prize showed that the world was now ready for AI innovations. He said that we can now change the narrative of disease diagnosis with the help of a proactive approach. With the help of his papers now, several researchers are working on the prospects of the use of tech for the betterment of the healthcare sector.


 “You can identify risk factors and thereby promote a healthy lifestyle. For patients, AI enables more accurate diagnoses and prognoses to be made. That way, you can optimize treatment for the individual patient and avoid over-or under-treating.”

There are certain diseases such as colon cancer, Alzheimer and Breast Cancer whose disastrous effects on the body can be minimized with the help of early detection.

These algorithms are not only useful for the early detection of diseases. Several pharmaceutical industries are also using these techniques to stir up medicines manufacturing.

To cope with the raging diseases and the microbes the use of technology is inevitable and necessary. The use of this renowned technology is thus the need of the hour!