Psychedelics Use For Treatment: A Correlation or A Casual Connection?


by Hamna Bano

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The research hasn’t proven a correlation between heart health and diabetes with psychedelics as of now. 


However, another research from the 2015 - 2018 survey on drug use and health unveiled results of 171,766 people above 18 who showed 23% low chances of cardiovascular diseases and 12% that of diabetes.

The author suggested that “respondents that had tried psychedelic at least once in their life showed lower odds of heart disease and diabetes.”

In-depth analysis even uncovered shocking associations with lifetime use of psychedelics and lower risks of hypertension. It further astonished when a positive link between properly administered use of psychedelics and increased physical health was found out.

After further research, Dr. Paz of K Health said that “People who have tried psychedelics probably have other characteristics that differentiate them from other people who haven’t tried them before. These characteristics can be the ones that must be causing a lower risk of heart rate and diabetes.

The link is now affiliated more with lifestyle changes because of the change in behavior after the consumption of the drug. The lead author Dr. Otto Simonsson of this study suggests that “we still have very little information about the long-term effects of psychedelics on physical health. It is at an early stage.”

He added, “if you want to reduce the risks of several heart diseases and diabetes, do not go for psychedelics as a cure, take good care of yourself by taking the prescribed medication that your doctor suggests.” The authors think that there still is a need for extensive research to find the potential links and causative passages of psychedelics on health issues related to the heart.