Punjab Cabinet Body Reviewed Health Insurance Plan and Health Card Initiative


by Naba Batool

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The Secretariat of the Finance Department held the ninth meeting of the Cabinet Standing Committee regarding Universal Health Insurance. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Yasmin Rashid and Finance minister Mohsin Khan Leghari.

Some other participants in the meeting were Syed Wajid Ali Shah, CEO of Punjab Health Initiative Management Company, Dr. Ali Razaq, State Life Insurance Company’s representative Dr. Noor and other officers from relevant departments.


A detailed summary of the accessible treatment facilities that are covered by the health card was given to the attendees. This was presented by the provincial Health Secretary Dr. Ahmad Javed Qazi. He further explained the available amenities under the Universal Health Insurance initiative.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that more than 30 million families in Punjab are catered to the free treatment of up to one million rupees annually. She said that “To provide better treatment facilities for the people of Punjab, more than 48000 beds have been increased in private hospitals under universal health insurance. It has also made it possible to get treatment facilities according to their wishes through private hospitals of Punjab,”

She further went on to say that more than 48000 beds have been increased in private hospitals such as Ihsan Mumtaz Hospital, Bajwa Hospital, and Evercare Hospital.

According to Dr. Yasmin Rashid “Universal health insurance is the first and unique project in the history of Pakistan to be provided to the public.” The statistics show that more than 3,175,000 have been graced with this health facility worth Rs 69.8 billion.