Punjab Government to Revise 100% Free Sehat Card for Needy Only!


by Omama Anwar

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The Punjab health department has recently announced significant changes to the Sehat Card policy to prioritize free healthcare for needy individuals only. These modifications aim to optimize resources and ensure that the Sehat card benefits reach those who need them the most. 


One notable change proposed in the Sehat Card policy is the discontinuation of coverage for childbirth services. 

Under the new plan, normal and C-section deliveries will no longer be covered by the health card. Instead, individuals in need of such services will be directed to government hospitals. This shift aims to concentrate resources on critical healthcare needs and provide specialized care for childbirth in government healthcare facilities.

Moreover, the proposed plan suggests that full treatment for heart patients in private hospitals will no longer be entirely covered by the Sehat card. Instead, heart patients will be required to contribute a portion of the treatment costs, paying approximately 30% to 40% of the total expenses themselves. 

The revised Sehat Card policy aims to ensure comprehensive healthcare coverage for individuals with low incomes. Under the new proposal, the health card will exclusively provide 100% free treatment to individuals falling within the low-income bracket.

The health department has advised the provincial government to implement the amended Sehat Card policy from June 30. 

By reallocating coverage for childbirth services and restructuring benefits for heart patients, the government aims to enhance the impact and efficiency of the health card program. 

While concerns have been raised, the government believes that redirecting childbirth cases to government hospitals will ultimately improve the quality of care provided. 

The implementation of the amended policy from June 30 will mark a significant milestone in Punjab's healthcare system, promoting equitable access to healthcare for low-income individuals.