Punjab Permits Swap Transplant To Stop Organ Trafficking


by Naba Batool

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Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority has put forward a proposal in Pakistan which makes it one of the few countries in the world to opt for swap transplantation.

This facility has been approved by the Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid and it will allow the government to take radical steps to eradicate organ trafficking from Pakistan to some extent.

This program allows non-related donors to donate their organs to a patient that is in dire need of medical help. The medical community has high hopes for this program as it can prove to be quite fruitful in Pakistan’s fight against illegal organ trafficking.

With the help of this swap transplant program, the patients will have urgent access to organs and they might not have to wait for unprecedented time periods.


DG Prof Asad Aslam told a media house that “Approval of swap transplant is a milestone in the organ transplant history of Pakistan, as it will enhance the organ availability for transplantation and will be a great help for patients suffering from chronic liver and kidney disease who don’t have a compatible donor in their families.”

He further went on to say that with the help of this initiative those whose blood group does not match within the family can also get properly facilitated.

“We are striving hard to build the confidence of the public in our regulations by ensuring that human tissue and organs are used for therapeutic purposes safely and ethically and with proper consent.”

Furthermore, a 24-hour dedicated helpline is also made available to provide authentic and reliable information in this matter.