Rains to Overturn Cases of Infectious Diseases: AQI Improved


by Hamna Bano

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the cases of infectious diseases. These include the diseases of coughing and sneezing that had spread as a result of air pollution and smog. The details have revealed that a research was conducted involving medical experts.


The research was conducted to find the quality of the air. The outcome showed that smog was behind a number of infectious diseases. It was observed especially in the urban areas of Punjab Province. After the rain, the AQI has improved immensely and come down to 160 in Lahore.

The data analysis of the research showed that there was an increase seen in the number of diseases like sore throat, flu, and eye infection. This was all observed with the onset of smog season. This season starts in November and ends in the latter weeks of December. The diseases correlated with smog and pollution are seen to be on the surge during this period.

An official informed that the data gathered has helped them greatly. This will help in further understanding and planning the smog issue in a way better manner. “Smog has its negative effects on the health of the people. It causes the spread of infectious diseases and it proves more dangerous when the country is already facing coronavirus pandemic that is associated with coughing and sneezing,” he said.

The special assistant Malik Aslam to Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there is a strong connection between infectious diseases and smog. It will be best if we address the issue further with the complete available information, he added.

“Now we have made better plans for next year and, hopefully, the ratio of smog will be drastically reduced with the passage of time. We will utilize digital technology and equipment along with strict measures to control stubble burning anywhere in the country,” he said.