Record-Breaking Heat Wave is All Set to Hit Pakistan


by Iqra Zafar

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The Ministry of Climate Change issues a warning about the approaching heat wave that is about to hit the provinces across Pakistan. Overall hitting the South Asian region, this health is expected to increase the temperature to 49-50 degrees Celsius.

The increasing heat intensity is said to pose serious impacts on people’s health. This heat wave following the dry month of March is making the weather conditions worsen. This temperature increase will affect the agriculture output as well.

International organizations issue warnings about this premature and prolonged heat wave emphasizing the on-time precautionary measures. The meteorological department says that this daytime temperature across the villages and cities is accompanied by high wind pressure that will worsen the situation.


“Pakistan has been facing an unexpected heatwave since March. Temperatures in the border areas of Pakistan and India are expected to rise to 49 to 50 degrees Celsius.” said Sherry Rehman, Senator Minister for Climate Change.

Following this heat wave, authorities are required to take precautionary measures to minimize the impact of the heat wave. This increased heat intensity will have a significant impact on standing crops and vegetables due to water shortage risk.

“In March alone, rainfall was recorded at 62% less than normal. In the year 2018, Nawabshah became the hottest city in the world in April when the mercury went above 50 degrees Celsius.” Sherry Rehman started talking about the temperature changes in recent years.

Keeping the situation in mind, PMD has issued warnings to protect the people from this approaching heatwave. People should also take measures to keep themselves safe from heat related illnesses.