Research Suggests New Combination Treatment for COVID-19


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest research, patients who have moderate or severe COVID-19 can be subjected to a combination treatment of two antibiotics. National Institue for Health and Care Excellence has also highlighted that under 8% of the covid-19 patients also tend to suffer from bacterial infections.
Researchers had high hopes for azithromycin as a potential treatment for COVID-19. But a recent study has found no evidence whatsoever to support this theory.

A recent study has found that two antibiotics when are administered with steroid dexamethasone can prove to be quite effective.

The sample group of this study consisted of 370 patients who were suffering from moderate or severe COVID-19.

The researchers then divided the groups into the following categories

  • Group one of 124 patients: Cefepime plus dexamethasone
  • Group two of 136 patients: Ceftazidime plus dexamethasone
  • Group three of 110 patients: Standard WHO treatment

The results of this study are not conclusive yet because the number of participants in the group was rendered insufficient as well as the study was not a clinical trial.

But the scientists were able to collect confident data from lab tests and computer projections. Both these antibiotics were highly helpful in inhibiting the activity of enzyme protease which is a very significant enzyme for the virus’s life cycle.

Further insights into this topic are still needed to reach a concrete conclusion at this moment.