Researchers Warn Against a Potential Zika Virus Outbreak


by Naba Batool

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According to BBC reports, medical researchers have warned that a  global zika virus pandemic may be closer than we might anticipate.

Experts comment that a single mutation would be enough to trigger an aggressive spread of this virus and thus WHO needs to be on the lookout.


Zika virus was first reported as a global medical emergency back in 2016, with pregnant women being at the center of the risk. Women who get infected with this virus during the pregnancy period might give birth to those babies whose brains tend to be either underdeveloped or half-damaged.

A recent study also reports that those countries which have built immunity against this virus can get affected by these virus mutations. The mutation causes the virus to easily shift and form new variants.

The current findings are only theoretical at the moment but they do provide a look at the bigger picture that COVID is not the only danger facing humans.

Zika virus mainly spreads with the help of Aedes mosquitoes that have been infected by the virus. But this is a sexually transmitted virus as well. These mosquitoes are almost present in all the regions of the world except Canada and Chile.

Zika virus is highly dangerous for pregnant women because it leads to damaged brain cells and thus microcephaly.

Because there is no curative treatment available for this virus at this moment, it is best for the public to educate themselves and protect themselves from any bites.