Secretory Health Department Balochistan Imposes Health Emergency


by Hamna Bano

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Quetta: Hafiz Muhammad Tahir, the Secretory Health Department Balochistan imposed health emergency in the health department of the province. This step was taken taking into consideration the current flood situation.

Leading a meeting of health officials, Hafiz said, “the Operation Cell has been activated in the DG Health Office which would be supervised by the secretary and DG of the health department.”

The health department monitors the availability of medical facilities to the masses that are in flood-affected areas. They are responsible to take action in order to prevent epidemics and improve the situation of the province.

All the medical staff present at the moment has been alerted at the Bolan Medical Complex (BMC), Benazir Hospital Quetta, Civil Hospital Quetta, Mufti Mahmood Hospital, and Sheikh Zahid Hospital Quetta. It has been ordered to the medical teams reach wherever medical relief is needed.


Secretory Health Department Hafiz Muhammad Tahir also added, “doctors, medical staff, and essential medicines have been provided to the flood-affected areas and additional teams have been put on standby”. He also said that “effective measures were being taken to provide the best medical facilities and services to the flood-affected people of the province.”

The meeting had all the medical officials involved and included MS Civil Hospital Quetta Dr. Amin Khan Mandukhel, Additional Secretory Health Balochistan Hafeezullah Aghior, Young Doctors Association, Dr. Bihar Shah, Dean PGM 1 professor Shabbir Ahmad Lahri, Dr. Bihar Shah, MS BC Dr. Sultan Lahri and Staff Officer Secretory Health Shaukat Zahri.

Positive results are anticipated from the Health Department after the imposition of the health emergency.