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Sharp Decline in Pakistan’s Covid-19 Cases

Author: Naba Batool
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The Covid-19 graph shows a declining trend as the positivity rate stands at 6.33%. With less than 4000 daily infections being reported for the majorit

The stats are highly encouraging not just for the infections that are being reported but also for the number of active corona cases. Last Friday, the active cases fell to 90,076.


With the highest daily average reported in the month of June on 17, Pakistan has been reporting 3,911 new infections on average each day. At present, the daily recoveries outnumber the daily new infections.


In the span of the previous seven days, Pakistan averaged about 1,019,949 administered doses each day. If we are to continue the following path, it will take more than 40 days to administer enough doses for another 10% of the population.