Smog Alert! The Deadly Catalyst Behind the Early Onset


by Hamna Bano

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In the past, it usually was seen taking a surge at the end of October or the beginning of November.


According to the environmental department officials, three of the major roads have been blocked by the developmental projects. Due to increased construction work happening at the Gulab Devi Hospital, Ferozepur Road is temporarily closed. And to add to it, the Sheranwala bridge is also obstructing the by-pass roads. This is causing a colossal blockage and ending up in uncontrolled pollution.

Moreover, the T-20 tournament caused hour-long traffic jams and coincided with the onset of the first spell of smog over the city. Thirdly, the factor in the contribution is the extended period that has led to premature rice maturity and stubble burning in Punjab.

An officer of the environmental department said that “Only  industries backing up pollutants, brick kiln, and cottage industry fall under the environmental department.” Vehicles that are responsible for 43 percent of the pollution are included in the transport department and stubble burning comes under the agricultural department. So, there are some coordination issues that are worsening the situation.

To make it more intricate, smog is a phenomenon that goes on for  24-hour and requires 24-hours adjustment and regulation. If there comes a collapse even for a few hours, the impact lasts for days. This is what has worsened the situation, he added.

On Monday, the department reported the Air Quality Index (AQI) to be 121. Some international platforms measured it to be 156 and that is considered to be a hazardous limit. This requires the use of masks and limiting outside activities.

Doctors in the city are reporting a daily increase in patients with itchy eyes,  a runny nose, and irritating throat. This smog can be deadly for those who already have heart and issues. And with regular and long-term exposure these diseases can become cancerous.

A spokesperson from the AQI department says that during this year of 2021, new committees have been formed to work against smog reduction all over the province and these are all working under the commissioner’s command.   These committees will be carrying out all necessary preventive measures before and during the smog incidence.